Wired telephone


Cost-effectiveness and efficiency of almost any modern enterprise depend on the organization of communication. Communication is an essential tool for coordinating the work within company's departments as well as with partners, suppliers and customers. Despite the rapid development of new technologies, most organizations prefer a traditional wired connection, quality and reliability of which has been repeatedly confirmed in practice.

IDC has created a special "Key Customers Care Department" to work with the "corporate sector". The main areas of its work are:

  • corporate customers (commercial/non-profit organizations, agencies);
  • authorized dealers of the company;
  • VIP customers.

Thanks to this department, correct and helpful answers will be given to all of your questions on communication services. For further consultation and advice please contact the key-clients department:

  • by e-mail - key.clients@admin.idknet.com
  • by phone - (533) 57 115 (533) 57145, (533) 57 196
  • by fax - (533) 57 188

Working days: Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 19.00, Saturday: 9.00 - 15.00