Wired telephone

International calls


In 2000, the company "Interdnestrcom" placed in operation its own long-distance and international communication equipment and began to provide the services of long distance and international communication to all businesses and individuals in Transnistria.

Advantageous rates

Long-distance and international communication services are provided at affordable rates for all the subscribers. For customers' convenience  there are different rate plans, favorable time slots, discounts, taking account of the subscribers' needs.

Modern  network

Our fully digital network develops taking account of the subscribers' needs and customers' growing demands.

High-quality communication

The network provides advanced call routing - it means that your call goes to the destination by the shortest and least-loaded channel. As a result, subscribers will receive a long-distance and international communication of the highest quality.

Ease of Use

Using our services is available from any phone with the simplest procedure of dialling.

Additional services

Thanks to its open architecture and unique interior routing our digital network has great potential of implementing new additional services such as data transfer, help-desk services, integration with cellular phones.

Round –the-clock help-desk.

On all the issues  you can contact IDC's Round –the-clock help-desk