Wired telephone


If you do not have a home phone but you need one, if you have an Internet connection on the GPON technology - this offer is for you!
A subscriber of "optics" telephony will receive a high-quality communication without entering additional communications!


Install several videophones, for example, at home, at work, in company, and receive a unique opportunity to "present" at the same time in different places. At any time you can see what is happening at home or at work, while in another city. Videotelephony allows you to connect two or more people living in the whole territory of Transnistria.

Videophone is not limited to just video telephony network and can work as a normal audio phone - make and receive calls from regular telephones and cell phones.

If you have access to the Internet and installed on the videophone appropriate software, you can make and receive calls to other users who have installed similar software.


Services Tariff
Setting up a wired phone:
individuals in the private sector and legal entities 250,0 22,30
in high-rise sector 200,0 17,85
construction of the missing subscriber line in the private sector 1 000,0 89,30
Setting the phone on VoIP technology included in the tariff "Registering an access point to the Internet [optics]"
Setting the phone on GPON technology    
  ∙ without Internet Services 1 200,0 17,85
∙ with Internet Services 2 included in the tariff "Registering an access point to the Internet [optics]"
legal entities    
  ∙ without Internet Services:    
∙ if technically possible 3 200,0  -
∙ construction of the missing user input 4 Tariffs for the services of registration FTTx Internet point
∙ with Internet Services included in the tariff "Registering an access point to the Internet [optics]"
The connecting line of departmental telephone station with access to the public network:
connection fees:    
by means of a digital stream 5 2 355,30  -
by channel organized by the SIP protocol 6 2 355,30  -
Monthly payment:    
  ∙ Feed for 2 Mbit / s 7 4 480,0  -
∙ for the channel organized by the SIP protocol 8 140,0  -
Service connection point of industrial private-branch exchange to ATC:
∙ by digital stream 9 27,40  -
  ∙ by channel organized by the SIP protocol 10 27,40  -

  A list of addresses available for connecting on GPON technology telephony
  Tariffs on telephone permutation

Equipment for video telephony

The "Video telephony" service is provided through the videophone, which the applicant acquires the Operator (the use of third-party equipment which didn’t pass testing is not permitted).

  • new
    Grandstream GXV3275 More details
    Grandstream GXV3275
    325 у.д.е. / 3640 руб
  • Видеотелефон Grandstream GXV3275

    Grandstream GXV3275

    325 у.д.е. / 3640 руб Купить сейчас 

    • 6 линий с поддержкой до 6 SIP аккаунтов, включая бесплатный IPVideoTalk с видео почтой, 6-сторонняя аудио конференции и 3-сторонняя видеоконференция, телефонная книга до 1000 контактов, история звонков до 1000 записей
    • Двойной сетевой порт 10/100/1000Мбит/с с авто-согласованием, PoE+, Wi-Fi(802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth, USB, SD, HDMI, EHS с гарнитурой Plantronics.
    • 7" 1024×600 емкостный сенсорный TFT LCD дисплей, мегапиксельная КМОП камера с затвором конфиденциальности.
    • Широкополосный HD звук, дуплексный динамик громкой связи с передовыми алгоритмами эхоподавления.
    • Работает на операционной системе Android 4.2 и имеет полный доступ к сотням тысяч приложений магазина Play Google таких как: Skype, Microsoft Lync, Salesforce и GoToMeeting.
    • Интеграция с продуктами видеонаблюдения Grandstream для просмотра видео и получения оповещений от IP камер
    • Предлагает мультиплатформенное решение видеоконференцсвязи (Skype , Microsoft Lync, IPVideoTalk и многое другое)

    Техническая док-ция