Connecting to the Internet technology ADSL

Service Order.

Mini-packages Mobitel, as an additional service to voice services can be ordered by contacting SSAS [888], or at the nearest IDC Service Centre.

Configuring the terminal.

If your phone / device has not been configured for data services [using EV DO], you can configure it at any IDC Service Centre. Please, don't forget your passport.

Checking the technical possibility.

You can find out technical possibility to switch ADSL technology at any Service Centre, by contacting operator [1144], or online using the form below.

Making the contract and equipment purchase.

Next step after confirmation of technical possibility is purchasing necessary equipment and making a contract. Equipment purchased independently must comply with the list of permissible types of equipment.

Payment for the services

OAfter making the contract, you will immediately receive a payment check

  1. Order form [registration, plans].
  2. Equipment [if equipment is purchased from the provider]

Connecting and configuring the equipment

Your line is activated within 30 working days after the payment. Setting up the equipment will be performed by IDC engineers for free.

Connecting to the Internet via a leased line:

Checking the technical possibility to connect

Testing is made on the ground of a letter, certified by the signature and the seal of the head

Making a contract and equipment purchase

Contract is made after the confirmation of technical possibility.
To make a contract the following documents are required:
  - an identification document [passport]
  - Power of Attorney to get the technical parameters
  - state registration certificate
  - of the state register of legal persons [other than the ministries and departments];