One office

One office


Legal entities - small businesses, organizations and businesses with advanced infrastructure are offered to optimize their computer networks - thereby to quicken the work of their employees, to simplify the entire process, and thus to get time to do more and make profit.

    Single Office service is a virtual local area networking based on the existing telephone network. This technology allows to:
  • connect remote objects of the same company
  • provide heightened network security
  • connect new users easily
  • reconfigure the network easily

Single Office allows you to connect branch offices of the firm or individual employees not on the terms of money or location, focusing on the physical location of a particular object. Now you do not need to worry about distances. Think of the business, not of the distance.

How to Activate

    To switch Single Office service you'll need to:
  1. Send us a letter on official letterhead indicating the telephone numbers that you would like to include in your virtual network.

    Then we check technical possibility to organize virtual network based on the indicated phone numbers, and contact you.

  2. The service will be activated in up to four working days after your payment.

Your offices will come closer, the employees will become more confident, and the work will be more pleasant!