Internet for home

Internet for home by fiber [FTTx]

FTTx (Fiber To The ) - technology of network access organization bringing the optical fiber up to a certain point. This technology is the next step in the development of network access the Internet after the ADSL technology and enables access to the Internet at tens megabits speed; the speed of incoming and outgoing traffic are equal

For example, FTTb technology involves summing optic cable to the building & in the apartment starts twisted pair cable.

GPON technology [FTTh] involves summing optic cable directly to the apartment via subscriber equipment - ONT [router Calix 716GE-I].

    Connection to the GPON technology allows in the future:
  • enjoy high-speed data transmission up to 100 Mbit/sec,
  • receive all communication services through a single subscriber unit [ONT]. This means that through one optical cable you can receive services: «home Internet», «IP TV» and «IP telephony»,
  • do not worry about the voltage drops because the subscriber unit [ONT] is equipped with uninterrupted power source
  • use the service support without master invitation, i.e. the specialist of our company can remotely solve most of the issues and problems
    Learn about the «optics» Internet access technologies and apply for connection by telephone 1144 [the call is free].
  • If your house is connected to the FTTb [fiber to the building], the cable [twisted pair] will lead you directly to your home & no additional equipment is required!
  • If your house is connected GPON or FTTh [«optics» apartment on], you must purchase a subscription hardware router Calix 716GE-I ONT

High speed Internet is available tariffs, reliable connection and technical support