Internet for home

Connect to the Internet by FTTx [fiber]

Connect to the Internet by FTTx [Fiber]

IDC offers the most comfortable access to the Internet for home users and sole traders (unincorporated) by technology FTTx.

FTTx network connection is available if there is technical possibility. By technical possibility means the presence of fiber-optic lines and free ports in equipment of data transfer to the mentioned address by the applicant. You can check the technical possibility using link below:

The connection's schedule of houses to the fiber-optic network

Connection - 10 USD

The connection rate includes one-time setup works of access to the Internet, cable layout works and the cost of spent materials to the subscriber's apartment. The cost of materials used by carrying out works in the customer's room should be paid additionally, on the basis of spent material's cost and current rates.

The changing of internet access technology from ADSL to FTTx by customer's request is free of charge.

By firstly connection using the Internet for the fist two month you can watch all IP-TV channels free of charge!

For individuals if its Internet plan is paid IDC provides all IP-TV channels for free. Our offer is valid during the month, which the connection was made in, and during the next month following it.