• The service is provided for home users and sole traders (unincorporated);
  • The connection rate includes one-time setup works of access to the Internet, cable layout works and the cost of spent materials to the subscriber's apartment. The cost of materials used by carrying out works in the customer's room should be paid additionally, on the basis of spent material's cost and current rates.
     prices for materials used when connecting
  • IDC provides an symmetrical access channel for users of FTTx plans, i.e. the download and upload speeds are equal;
  • The FTTx technology's access is available in coverage of FTTx-network;
  • The monthly fee includes the access to the portal and game centre and the cost of a mailbox with 50 Mb capacity, one dynamic IP address and web-page with 5 Mb volume. Additional volume of Web-page is provided by subscriber's request according to the rates for the web hosting services. Additional volume of mailbox should be paid according to the rates.
  • Access to portal, Internet radio and game centre is provided at speed up to 12 Mbit/sec.
If your selected plan of internet access or additional services is not paid in current month, your internet plan and additional services for the next month should be paid not earlier than the 25th day of the month. Otherwise, the payment is charged for the network access and additional services for the current month in corpore.