Our company provides roaming services in following countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Belarus and Latvia.

Roaming is available for subscribers of IDC ( CDMA-800 network ) all over Ukraine! The Ukrainian roaming partner of IDC is the company "Intertelecom." coverage map of "Intertelecom" .

Also roaming for IDC's subscribers is available in Russia, Latvia and Belarus ( CDMA-450 network .)

In Moldova roaming is available in test mode

When you are roaming, you can stay in touch with your friends and family. You can call everywhere.

You can also use additional services: call forwarding, call waiting, data, three-way connection, voice mail. 
Subscriber registration is automatically. When your phone is properly registered, the sign of roaming appear.

Terms of service connection

To use international roaming, you have to activate this service before you travel outside Transnistria. To do this, visit any office of IDC. Service activation is free of charge.  Your prepaid account must be toped up according to the rates.

How to top up your prepaid account?

The prepaid account can be toped up in any office of IDC and in the offices of JSC "Agroprombank" . Also, the account can be toped up with the help of express card.

Payment terms of international roaming

  • It is necessary to top up your prepaid account with minimum amount according to the rates.
  • Per minute billing
  • Subscriber who calls you when you are abroad pay this call as local one

Access to voice mail:

To listen to voice messages, you need to dial: 00 - 373 - 533 - 62 775