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Official statement of IDC management

Official statement of IDC management

Dear subscribers!

Company CJSC "Interdnestrcom" informs you that recently the Moldavian mobile operator "Orange" in spite of the proposed agreements unilaterally made the launch LTE network on frequencies that are already used by IDC to provide services since 2012.

Thereby we inform you about the possible decline of the quality LTE services in the border areas with the Republic of Moldova.

At the moment the technical service of the Company monitor the mutual influence of signals and do everything possible to reduce the noise on the LTE network.

The solution of this issue is beyond the competence of our Company and needs to be addressed to executive authorities of Transnistria and Moldova.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

IDC considers the unilateral decision of the Moldavian operator as an unfriendly step and reserves the right to take retaliatory action.

Administration of CJSC "Interdnestrcom".

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