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IDC makes the network upgrade

IDC makes the network upgrade

The high rate of development of the global telecommunication industry makes all international operators try to integrate into a single network settings including LTE as quick as possible.

IDC experts make the renewals of the network parameters for several months. This will expand the range of the company services and increase roaming coverage in LTE segment.

At this moment exist "IDC-Travel" map which keeps you on-line in more than 200 countries around the world. This map is integrated into the GSM network - it means that is necessary to use the dual mode phone. Now, when work is completed, it is possible to travel with LTE network roaming without of GSM cards.

For the convenience our specialists made remote configuration and change the setting parameters of mobile devices. 80% of terminals configured remotely. However there is a category of mobile devices that do not support remote configuration. For these customers we organized sms-mailing with request to contact the service center. Then we spent an automatic telephone calls with the recommendations for self-renewal.

Network settings updating is free and we call on our customers to do it in the near future. We will do everything possible to speed up the process of setting the parameters of mobile devices.

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