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Save unused minutes in packages "Family Mini" and "Family Economy"

Save unused minutes in packages "Family Mini" and "Family Economy"

A week of excellent news continues. You already know that in three popular packages of the tariff "Family" increased the speed of the "optics" Internet (reference).

From August,1 unused minutes on mobile phone in the packages "Family Mini" and "Family Economy" will be transferred to the next month in volume not exceeding the amount of minutes in the selected package.
These were your wishes and we implemented them. Also we remind you that you still have time to order one of the family packages!

Do not forget to do this before the end of this month.If you do not know about all the advantages of the "Family" tariff we recommend you to click on the link and calculate how much you are spending now and how much you will save with the new tariff. According to our calculations the savingsrange from 35 to 60%.

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