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VoLTE - Evolution of mobile communication

VoLTE - Evolution of mobile communication

VoLTE - Evolution of mobile communication

VoLTE [Voice over LTE] is the voice connection of the latest generation. It allows to provide voice services and deliver them as a data stream over LTE networks.

VoLTE technology is actively developing all over the world. At the moment 123 operators in 60 countries use VoLTE. Transnistria and the IDC operator are already on this list. We installed more than 120 base stations and, despite the difficult economic situation, decided to continue the support of innovation direction and high technologies. The launch of VoLTE was the final stage of a complete network update.

If we consider VoLTE in more detail, first of all, communication will become much more comfortable:

- crystal clear sound - you will not miss anything important - the voice sounds clean and natural, as if the interlocutor is near you;

- the ability to talk and use 4G at the same time - talk and use the phone as a navigator at the same time, see photos on social networks, check email in the phone or choose a movie session at 4G speed;

- fast dialing - call for seconds, almost instantaneous connection, 5 times faster than now. If your interlocutor does not have VoLTE, you will still increase the connection speed and the 4G Internet will be available during the call;

- video calls in HD-quality;

- roaming in european countries.

At the moment the territory of Transnistria is more than 90% covered by LTE networks.


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