Digital Cable TV


To become a subscriber of Digital TV, you need to:

Step 1: Connect to MMDS.

Only for non-subscribed to analogue TV services.

Step 2: Purchase a digital cable receiver and access card at the nearest IDC Service Centre and make a contract.

TV packages must be ordered for the purchased access card

Step 3: Connect and customize your digital receiver

You can self install the equipment or choose the standard installation by company's engineer for free when buying a decoder from the operator.

Documents you'll need:

For natural persons:

Identity document (passport, residence permit, identification card) notarized warranty and authorized representative's passport

Persons enjoying privileges should show the documents proving their right to benefit, and permanent residence permit at the place to be connected to Digital TV.

For legal persons:

  • The organization warranty containing the information from the authorized representative's identity document (passport), date of issue and expiration date.
  • Identity document (passport)
  • Letter with the list of ordered services
  • Registration certificate of the enterprise